November News



Lots of good news this month, especially from the Harvest Auction which raised over £1000. This is the best figure for over a decade so thank you to every one for your support. We are already spending our share of the money. A redesigned front has been fitted to the stage and new curtains are on order. Going forward, the main hall floor is going to be refinished and a new fence is planned for the back of the building.
The market is going strong, we now have more people wanting stalls than we can accommodate which indicates this event has a good future
The October Coffee Morning was really busy and by mid morning we had to set up a 5th table. Thank you all for coming and well done to the coffee morning team for keeping up with the demand.
The institute garden has looked particularly fine this year thanks to John. He has decided to hand over responsibility for maintaining the site at the end of this season. I know John and Gwens involvement at the stute goes back to the 1940`s. The commitee would like to thank them both for their contribution over many years
Moving forward with the garden we are planning to plant a Yew hedge arround the oil tank and plant some easy to care for perennials in the area to reduce the time it will take to look after things. If you are removing or dividing any plants this Autumn please let us know
After much soul searching and debate it has been decided to keep the Christmas Lunch in a similar format as previous years. Church Eaton Charities are going to fund half of the cost and the Institute will put in the rest as a way of saying thank you to the village for its support over the year
Now the days are getting shorter and the weather getting duller a good cuppa with friends is a pleasant way to lift the mood, so we look forward to seeing you at the coffee morning
Remember there are now only 2 more Village Markets before Christmas



Dates for your diary
Coffee Morning 2nd November Village Market 18th November
Jeremy Jones committee member